Welcome to The Content Bureau

Welcome to the Content Bureau, the home of specialist puzzle content for the publishing industry. Puzzles and quizzes are our business.

Our core business is the provision of quality content for publishers of puzzles and quizzes for magazines, books, newspapers and digital media. These puzzles can be supplied individually, in made-up page format, ready to print or in book or magazine form. Additionally, we supply content suitable for games developers who create apps for mobile devices, in particular images and quiz content and can supply ready-to-use lists of crossword clues to enable creation of crossword puzzles.

We have just launched our new website The Puzzle Business which sells downloadable puzzles and quizzes. Proceeds of all sales of these products will be donated to the NHS via NHS Charities Together. Visit www.thepuzzlebusiness.co.uk and to view and purchase these packs and support the NHS.

In addition to holding databases containing over 135,000 crossword clues we also have a quiz database with more than 50,000 quiz questions being added to every day.

We also produce and sell a range of personalised gift books, including a puzzle book, football quiz book, American football quiz book and baseball quiz book. You can view these products by selecting Personalised Quiz and Puzzle Books from the left-hand menu. Visit www.inthebook.com and search for ‘football quiz book’ where you can buy these products.